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Food Processing & Storage

15 photo 225x300We at Cold Storage, are unsurpassed by our knowledge and passion for working with the Food Processing Industry. We are uniquely qualified to construct your new facility or improve your existing one; in the fact that we have, and continue to, work with all the different markets. This includes Poultry, Fish, Beef and Dairy, Produce and Confections.

Some of our clients include such known brands as:

  • Petaluma Poultry.
  • New York Sausage.
  • Sugar Bowl Bakery.
  • F’ramani Meats.
  • Silva Sausage.
  • And many more!

Cold Storage is aware of the every changing need for quality control during the food preparation process, which is why we continue to educate ourselves on USDA, NSF and UL standards. We want you, our client, to feel and know that your facility is designed and constructed to the highest food-grade quality possible!

Give us a call and let our experienced experts help with your next project!