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Refrigeration & Controls

21 photo 225x300Cold Storage offers a variety of standard and customization refrigeration solutions along with numerous ways to monitor and control these systems. With our decades of knowledge and experience, we understand that every project has specific and sometimes, unique requirements; which is why we incorporate a vast array of useful options and resolutions; suitable for any refrigeration need.

With the adoption of the 2008 CBC and Title 24 codes, it has become more relevant then ever, to monitor and regulate the energy consumption of refrigeration equipment. Cold Storage is no stranger to these requirements and brings into play the latest materials for meeting and exceeding these regulations.; from fluorescent light fixtures and variable-speed compressors to high-efficiency compressor rack systems and pre-programmed controllers.

temp ctrl scc11 300x272Cold Storage also understands that not all projects will require such extensive equipment; which is why we utilize tried-and-true methods; such as 7-day paper chart recorders and manual temperature controllers with security lock-outs.

Cold Storage is confident that we have the right refrigeration solutions for you! Give us a call and let our knowledgeable staff take your project to the next level!