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Concrete & Site Work

Concrete & Site WorkCold Storage is a licensed C-8 Commercial & Industrial Concrete Contractor. This aspect is just one more facet of our “Turn-Key” promise to you, our customer.

We can provide and install the following concrete services:

  1. Flushed or Raised Insulated Freezer Floors.
  2. New Equipment Pads.
  3. Demolition and off haul of existing concrete floors and foundations.
  4. Concrete Tilt Walls and Roofs.
  5. Structural Concrete.
  6. Loading Docks & Forklift Ramps
  7. Trenching (i.e for underground plumbing, trench drains, hub drains).

We can offer our concrete service as a single source or combined it with one or more of a multitude of our other services, and save you even more time and money!