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Cold Storage is a licensed C-10 Commercial and Industrial Electrical Contractor. This aspect is just one more facet of our “Turn-Key” promise to you, our customer.

We can provide and install the following electrical services:

  • Ambient to Low-Temperature Lighting Solutions.
  • Refrigeration Equipment Wiring & Refrigeration Control Wiring.
  • Design-and-Build of Control Panels for Refrigeration Equipment.
  • 4X Applications for Processing Plants (i.e. provide power in wash down areas).
  • Electrical Cord/Power Drops.
  • 4160 High Voltage Power.
  • Installation and Design of Electrical Distribution Panels.
  • All voltage and phases of Transformers.
  • Single-Line Diagrams & Complete Electrical Drawings.

We can offer our electrical service as a single source or combined it with one or more of a multitude of our other services, and save you even more time and money!