1. Primal Pet Foods, a Northern California-based high-quality pet food manufacturer, has been utilizing the services of Cold Storage Manufacturing Group and Cold Storage Refrigeration since 2005. Cold Storage has serviced our company on projects ranging from small refrigeration installation up to complete food plant design and build-out. Cold Storage provides a vertically integrated solution including engineering and construction, panel installation, concrete demolition and pouring, plumbing, electrical, welding and mechanical refrigeration as well as fire sprinkler systems and rigging services. The Cold Storage team is responsive, effective and efficient keeping our companies project deadlines on-time and within budget.

  2. Happy Customers, Happy Life In the years that I have worked with Cold Storage Manufacturing, I have been very pleased with every result and every project we have completed together. CSM has a team of very knowledgeable people from field service techs to in house engineering all the way to ownership.

  3. We are in many industries throughout the world, and come in contact with many goods and services contractors. We are very thankful for our relationship with Cold Storage Manufacturing, in particular Chad Swan. Gabe and the guys have really stepped up every time we’ve asked. It’s not just the service, quality, timeliness and fair prices. Chad has referred many customers and business leads to us. Cold Storage Manufacturing is truly an American success story, and they will always be our first choice in Building Contractors.

  4. Cold Storage Manufacturing has consistently delivered well-built freezers. Whenever there is an issue, their team of experts is always able to overcome the problem and solve it in a timely matter. I would definitely recommend them to any company that needs a high quality commercial freezer.